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A complete 2 Part dosing system, inorganic and ionically balanced, Z-Complete contains all main Macro, Micro and Trace elements our corals need to thrive:

  • Z-Complete allows you to provide your reef aquarium with optimal amounts of Alkalinity and Calcium.

  • Z-Complete can be dosed out of the bottle or, if for safety or for a smaller aquarium you prefer to dose lower concentrations you can dilute it.

  • Z-Complete dosed as recommended will maintain your aquarium ionic balance.

  • Z-Complete supplies your reef with boron, bromide, chromium, fluoride, iodide, lithium, magnesium, potassium, sulphate, strontium, and many other trace elements.

  • Z-Complete can increase coral growth by 2x other dosing methods, nonetheless increased dosing consumption is to be expected.

  • Z-Complete is likely the most cost effective 2 part system available in the UK. Dosing other elements will be minimal, however the majority of our macro, micro and trace elements are more concentrated than any other currently available and extremely competitive.

With part #1:

10.000 dKH units in 1 litre

10 ml raises alkalinity in 100 litres of water by 1dKH

Ion balancing elements

Substantially raises pH and supports coral health and growth 


With part #2:

> 71.000 mg of Ca per litre

Multi Element supplementation

Micro and trace elements in adequate ratios to reduce the need of additional dosing.

Easy, simple and cost effective

  • Z-Complete is available in 2.5L, 5L or 10 Litres recyclable jerry cans.

  • Z-Complete quality is strictly controlled by UK based independent laboratories to ensure our production line complies with strict levels of quality.

  • No 2 part system can ensure 100% elemental supply. Z-Complete has high levels of Macro, Micro and Trace elements reducing the need of additional dosing.

  • Z-Complete is an inorganic system that is better complemented with our inorganic elements and supplemented with our organic nutrients.