About Us

About us

Welcome to FreakinCorals! An aqua-culture online coral shop, which is driven by the motivation to supply you with healthy, high quality, and truly amazing corals from certified and fair trade worldwide coral sources.

Why FreakinCorals?

Our coral store differentiates itself from others by offering a high-quality setting for rare and hard coral care and propagation, industry standard shipping techniques, high-quality color reliable photos and a personalized pre- and after-buy costumer service.

Our Coral Guarantees…


From hobbyists like you, we have learned that choosing a coral without seeing it could be a little risky, as we set high standard photography standards to fully guarantee that you receive the coral as you have seen it online. Our photos are taken under 17K and 20K light, over black rack support and have no further digital treatment.


Our corals pass through a tight regimen within our facilities before being sold that guarantees pest-free, fully adapted to aquarium life and perfectly healthy corals for shipping.

Shop Address and Schedule

Rua João Freitas Branco, Loja 25A, 1500-714, Lisboa, Portugal.


  • Monday to Friday, from 13 to 19:30h.
  • Saturday from 10 to 12 and 14 to 18h.

Legal Information

NeptuneAdvantage Unipessoal Lda. VAT: PT515494496

Rua Direita, nº259, 2785-157, São Domingues de Rana, Portugal