Shipping, DOA and Refund Policies


International shipping:

For shipping we use Nacex for (Portugal and Spain) and UPS service (remaining destinations) with guaranteed 24 hours delivery time to the major European locations. Courier delay are not covered by DOA warranty.


Price Rate:

Portugal - From 6 to 15€

Spain - From 10 to 27,5€

Zone 1* - From 45 to 80€

Zone 2* - From 55 to 85€

Zone 3* - From 70 to 100€

50% off shipping on  some orders**

Only dry products shipping***

*The accurate price rate zone for your country will be displayed during your check out process.

** The 50% shipping discount will be automatically calculated during the check out process.

*** For dry products shipping the  taxes cost minus 4€.


Shipping Day: 

After your order is placed, you will get an email confirming the shipping day you required during the checkout process. We ship with a delivery day of tuesday, wednesday and thursday*.

 *On Thursdays we only ship non-living products.


DOA Guarantee:

We guarantee that all of our corals will arrive alive. If, for some reason, a coral does not arrive alive, you must contact us via email, with detailed pictures of the corals inside and outside of the bag within 4 hours of the package's arrival, after 24 hours of shipping time. If you are not present to receive the package on the day of the delivery attempt or the package arrive later than 24 hours due to courier delays, this guarantee becomes void. If, in our opinion, the corals are deemed to be deceased or defective due to shipping occurrences, a credit will be applied to your account. DOA warranty does not cover order shipping costs.



In the event that a refund is approved for a particular coral or product purchase, the refund will be issued at the purchase item price. The shipping cost is only refunded if all items are selected to refund.



For paypal payments is mandatory to have the same shipping adress as the one registered on paypal, otherwise the order will be cancelled.