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Xepta Fish Life

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Xepta Fish Life is a product formulated with completely natural ingredients designed for supplementation in the diet of fish. It improves the general health of all fish and acts as a natural attractant for the most demanding fish, improving the general state of health and especially the intestinal Microbiota environment, improving coloration and strengthening the immune system.

The patented HDB technology makes adhesive microcapsules containing bioactive ingredients that improve the health of fish in the short and long term, since the ingredients are released slowly and thus lengthen the time of their effect. We also ensure that the product is consumed at the exact moment without losing it by dissolving in the aquarium water.

The product is presented in liquid format, it is necessary to soak the dry or frozen food for 5-10 minutes and then supply it to the fish.

Content: garlic extract, fatty acids, bacterioplankton, vitamins and preservatives.

Dosage: administer when feeding the fish

100ml format