Xepta Fish Food Protect +

Xepta Fish Food Protect +

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Xepta Fish Food Protect+ is a specific health diet designed for saltwater fish that, administered preventively, protects fish from adverse situations. After several years of research in the nutrition of marine species, we have developed a new product that has unique characteristics in our market.

Through the use of protein nanoencapsulation technology, we get the elements that strengthen the species’ immune system to be released at the right time. This technique gives us the following advantages over conventional foods:

  • Increases food stability by isolating ingredients that can interact with other food compounds.
  • Completely uniform dispersion of probiotics and vitamins.
  • Release of the active ingredients in the place and at the desired time.

All this means that we can protect the fish against adverse situations by strengthening the immune system, improving intestinal health, increasing the cellular resistance of the fish, accelerating and helping in the healing processes and improving the resistance of the fish against viral diseases.

Xepta Fish Food Protect+ has a completely natural attractant for the introduction to dry feed of the most demanding species.

Ingredients: Fishmeal, krill meal, fish oil, cereal products and by-products, vitamin and mineral premix, extra vitamin supplementation, natural attractants and natural peppers.


  • Granulometry: 1,1-1,3 mm
  • Protein: 56%
  • Fat: 15%
  • Ash: 10%
  • Fiber 1.5%

Available in 100 and 200g formats