Xepta Coral Feeder

Xepta Coral Feeder

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Feeding corals is absolutely necessary in nutrient-poor systems, which is precisely where the coral expresses its full coloring potential but are not the best conditions for their development. This contradiction leads to the need to feed the corals in captivity if we want them to develop in a healthy way and to show us their full color potential. Xepta Reef Coral Food has been developed to meet the demands of any type of coral, looking for the most primitive way to feed through the bacterioplankton. Through this compound we get a direct feed of coral. All compounds of this additive are and come entirely from natural sources. To complement the nutrition through this additive we have added greasy acids and microelements to cover in full all the requirements of all corals.

Xepta Reef Coral Food provides everything needed for proper growth, maintenance and coral coloring:

     • Provides key nutrients for corals maintenance.
     • Enhances color and coral health.
     • Further extension of the polyp.
     • Does not require cooling.

Optimum results in combination with Xepta Reef Aminovit.

Dose: 1-3 drops per 100 liters of aquarium water per day depending on the load of corals in the aquarium.
Content: Greasy acids, bacterioplankton, vitamins and preservatives.