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Test my MicroFauna puts at your disposal our laboratory for the analysis and identification of marine reef aquarium pests.

What is Test my MicroFauna and how does it work?

We have all suffered and continue to suffer annoying pests in our aquariums, but many times we do not have the necessary equipment to identify them and act accordingly. Power Aquaculture puts its laboratory and qualified personnel at your disposal so that knowing what you have in your aquarium is available to everyone.

The kit consists of two vials: The first vial should be filled with clean aquarium water, the second vial should be filled with a sample of the organism that is causing problems.
The next step will be to send the vials to our facilities by postal mail to the address indicated on the envelope.
In our laboratory we will analyze the following:
– Sample of the organism: We will identify with precision and microscopic photographs the visualized organism, with high quality equipment. We will give you a detailed description of the organism, including actual size with micrometer slides and identification of at least the genus of the analyzed organism.
– Complete Carbon and Nitrogen test. We will completely analyze the nitrogenous compounds in your aquarium and their relationship with carbon and phosphorus to find possible imbalances and/or causes of the appearance of said unwanted organism that has colonized your aquarium. (N-C-P relationship).
Once all the data has been collected, the organism and the possible cause have been identified, we will send you a detailed report and a personalized routine to treat your aquarium against said organism with Power Aquaculture products.

What does the pack contain?
2x glass vials, instructions and padded envelope.

What do I get?
– Detailed report of the organism identified and possible causes of its appearance.
– Complete analysis of nitrogenous compounds in your aquarium and its relationship with carbon and phosphorus.
– Personalized routine to treat the aquarium with Power Aquaculture products.
– High-quality photographs of the organism received in the sample vial.

How long do I have to wait to see my results?
Approximately one week to ten days from when we receive the vials at our facilities.

Steps to follow:
1. Fill your vials.
2. Register your vials in the Test my Power section on our home page.
3. Close the envelope and send it to the indicated address.
4. You will receive your results by email.