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Safepods Mix

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Benthic and epibenthic copepods (Tisbe, Tigriopus and Apocyclops) for the marine aquarium.


Recommended minimum dosage:

     1 L for aquariums > 200L

    0.5 L for aquariums between 100 L – 200 L

    0.25 L for aquariums < 100 L


How to use:

    Acclimate copepods to aquarium water.

    Pour 100% of the content into the destination tank.

    If possible, maintain an algal refugium and add the copepods to it overnight.

    Periodic monthly additions can be made to help perpetuate the colony.


These copepods can be fed REEF BLOOM.


How does SAFE PODS MIX work?: Copepods are cosmopolitan organisms that abound in salt water. They are the favorite natural prey of fish, crustaceans, cnidarians and their larvae. They play an indispensable role in the food chain of seas and oceans. In fact, they are believed to be key organisms without which many species would not be able to reproduce successfully. In the aquarium they serve as food for small fish, especially selective species when it comes to feeding such as Synchiropus splendidus or Hippocampus reidi. They also help balance the tank by feeding on small particles such as detritus, algae or accumulations of bacteria. Some of them have also become famous among aquarium enthusiasts for actively fighting explosions of cyanobacteria, algae and other unwanted microorganisms. For this reason, from JellyFarmer, we recommend adding these genetics to your refugium or live rock, thus mitigating the imbalances that could occur inside the aquarium. The dosage of SAFE PODS MIX has been designed to ensure the existence of a colony of copepods in the tank large enough to fight biologically against these unwanted organisms. Likewise, the periodic addition of individuals allows the colony to be perpetuated even if there is predation on it by corals and fish. What is so special about SAFE PODS MIX?: SAFE PODS MIX is a high quality product made up of 100% live benthic and epi-benthic copepods specially selected for the reef aquarium. All the organisms have been cultivated indoors under laboratory conditions, which guarantees the biosafety of the product, being free of unwanted organisms. Due to its variable size, it can be preyed upon by a large number of fish, crustaceans and corals. They have great nutritional value providing fats, amino acids, vitamins and other essential biomolecules. Its resistance also allows us to serve it at high densities keeping the zooplankton alive and with its nutritional qualities intact. For best effectiveness, use this product in conjunction with REEF BLOOM.