Safe Mysis

Safe Mysis

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Composite product based on live Mysidaceans.

They stimulate feeding and vitality in fish.


How to use:

     Dose the amount that the fish are able to eat in 5 minutes or at will.

    To keep the organisms alive, store them in the refrigerator with the cap open for no more than 12-15 days.


What is special about SAFE MYSIS?: Safe Mysis is a super food. If we compare it with an adult artemia product, we observe that: – Its nutritional profile is much better and it lasts longer over time. – Allows a cleaner culture, free of unwanted organisms. – Its type of swimming and morphology stimulate a more voracious predation. For all these reasons, this product is intended for feeding a lot of types of adult ornamental marine fish. In addition, it is especially useful for those very selective fish that are usually difficult to feed, such as Hippocampus sp, Phycodurus sp, wild fish or diseased fish. Likewise, implementing Mysidaceans in the diet can make a difference in conditioning brood fish for successful breeding.