Reef Flare Bar

Reef Flare Bar

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Introducing the new range of LED bars that stimulate the growth and colouration of your reef.

Designed to produce high PAR output and maximise PUR at 100%. All the light generated is used by the corals with no wastage. The Blue Bar spectrum has been specifically blended with 6 different coloured LEDs with a wavelength range between 410nm and 480nm.

Like all our devices, Reef Flare Bars are controlled remotely in the Smart Reef system via your smartphone app or web browser. The lamps are equipped with their own Wi-Fi module which makes it possible to connect them to your home router and program from anywhere in the world.

The control system, SMART functions, simple set up procedure and minimalist design ensure that Reef flare Bars LEDs are a great choice for any marine aquarium. They can be used as a primary light source or as a supplemental additional boost to assist with dark spots or shadowing, sometimes created by cluster style LED light fixtures.

The Reef Flare Bar: Blue range is available in 3 sizes, all produced in a premium elegant black housing.

Size and power output as follows:
S - 60 cm - 34W
M - 90 cm - 45W
L - 120 cm - 65W