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ReefFUEL is an extremely concentrated blend of organic ingredients with one of the highest energy densities known in nature. An organic blend of hydrolysed vegetable oil, alcohols, saccharides, fatty acids, triglycerides.

Adenosine is a new and unique addition. 1 Of the most important energetic molecules. It is part of ATP, ADP and many coenzymes. Indispensable for biochemical processes.

Unprecedented power and developed with our latest knowledge and technology.

Supported with micro-organisms, ReefFUEL is the strongest and most effective for reducing phosphate and nitrate. Divided into 2 groups, selected for rapid adaptation (LOG phase) and their rapid growth (Lag Phase)


Nitrate -> Nitrogen gas

Nitrate -> Protein

Protein -> Cell walls

Ammonia -> Nitrate

Selected to quickly form a group that uses the nitrate to build proteins and build their cell walls. This NOX group is capable of  use various nitrogen compounds. And if their environment allows it, they can very well convert NO3 into N (nitrogen gas), then you will also lose it completely from the environment. They can do this in an environment where there is enough flow, but not enough oxygen. E.g. a coarse soil of at least 2 cm. Or filter material that can store different environments oxygenated and oxygen deprived (not anaerobic).  You can see it in the nitrogen bubbles that form and rise or come out of the pump every now and then.


Phosphate -> ATP

Phosphate -> Cell reserve

Phosphate -> Phospholipids

Phosphate -> Polyphosphates

A group of PO4 Microorganisms that we have selected that have the ability to store and retain a phosphate surplus. It is used in their cell metabolism. This bacteria can store reserves for several months and thus form a balance that normally only occurs in nature.

Both groups do not form toxins during life or death and are a welcome addition as food for corals.