Maxspect Turbine DUO Return Pumps -
Maxspect Turbine DUO Return Pumps -
Maxspect Turbine DUO Return Pumps -

Maxspect Turbine DUO Return Pumps

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Maxspect Turbine Duo 12 




Let’s to to the fact that this pump has TWO freaking outlets! You can’t control the speed of each volute separately but you can direct them to different places.

So if you’re splitting your return line to the tank, now you can go ahead and do this natively, or you can combine the flow with a specially designed Y-adapter which

is included with the Turbine Duo pump.



                  DUAL OUTLET




               SINGLE OUTLET








           2-STAGE OUTLET


But really the Turbine Duo will really shine in applications where a separate water line is required to feed any number of accessories, notably a chiller, recirculating protein skimmer, or a manifold to feed a variety of media reactors. The ghetto way to accomplish this is to tee off the main return line, but this is not practical for fine tuned flow rates since any change to one valve will alter the others.



The professional way to accomplish this is to simply use a separate pump, which is something I have done on all of my more equipment-intensive setups I’ve done for myself and others. Having a second pump is the best way to have consistent flowrate to your chiller/recirc skimmer or manifold, but obviously it’s more expensive, takes more space, and adds more heat.


With the double outlet Turbine Duo Maxspect is not only pushing the envelope in terms of form factor and functionality, but it’s actually stretching the budget of reefers who desire to do more with less – that’s all of us right? Besides the limited head pressure the only other major ‘drawback’ to the Turbine Duo is the fact that it’s designed for internal use only, which should be fine because most reefers prefer to use internal pumps anyway, to reduce noise and the need for drilling bulkheads and potential leaks.





I haven’t yet even been able to mention how small this pump is, or the fact that you can use it with a single volute to further reduce its footprint, and the fact that Maxspects packs it up with every conceivable plumbing part you could ever want to use with the Turbine Duo. Maxspect is firmly in a territory of affordable performance and value, and of course it will be compatible with the IPV6 for wireless control, and interoperation with the Recurve, Ethereal, Gyre Pump and whatever else they have up their sleeves.



Technical data

  • Dimensions (L x W x H):   14 x 9.7 x 15 cm
  • Weight:  1,6 kg
  • Power supply: 100-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Output voltage:  24V DC
  • Consumption:  8 - 115W
  • Max flow:  11.400 liters