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Intense and bright colour, growth, strengthening and health. easysps is a natural mixture of marine plankton developed specifically for the direct feeding of SPS corals.

easysps is a natural blend of marine plankton that has been developed for SPS coral nutrition. easysps will enhance the brightness and intensity of the colours of your corals. It will also help SPS corals grow healthy and strong.Thanks to its composition, the corals are nourished in a complete and balanced way, improving their coloration by not depending mainly on the zooxanthellae for their feeding.The nutritional composition of Easysps boosts corals with high nutritional value proteins, natural lipid profile rich in EPA, ARA and DHA, carbohydrates and functional micronutrients involved in the metabolic system of these animals.The size of the easysps particles ranges from 0.2 - 400 microns making it ideal to facilitate the capture by the SPS polyps. We strongly recommend to use easysps in conjunction with Easybooster to prevent any possible nutrient limitations and support the natural balance of the system.

How to use easysps

Use 1 level scoop per day for every 250L of aquarium water. Mix the required dose with water and shake. Rehydrate for 5 minutes and add to the aquarium near a circulation pump to ensure that it will be dispersed. Due to the predictable growth of corals, we recommend to pay special attention to the KH and Ca levels during the first few weeks of using easysps.

What effects will you see when using easysps?
Coral growth will increase. Keep an eye on the calcium, carbonates and magnesium concentrations as it will be consumed by corals due to rapid growth. Inorganic nutrient consumption will increase. Nitrates and phosphates will decrease because corals will metabolise part of them. Coral colour improvement. The bioavailability of essential amino acids and presence of essential fatty acids will contribute as precursors for pigment production (fluorescent and non-fluorescent pigments)