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Coral Power Food

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Our Coral Essentials, Coral Power Food is a blend of naturally ocurring, freeze dried foods that have been proven to promote healthy growth and vitality in marine aquarium coral species.  Contains only 100% naturally occurring products, no preservatives, no additives, only what nature itself provides.

Containing a blend of Krill, Red Shrimp, Mysis, Brine Shrimp, Marine Phytoplankton, Gammarus, Pacific Plankton, Rotifers and Cylclops, it has all of your coral's solid food diet covered in one, easy to dose formula.

A dosage spoon is included measuring 0.5ml or 0.1g of food.

Available in 50g.

Feeding Instructions:

Broadcast Feeding - We recommend a start dose of 1 full scoop for each 100L of aquarium total water volume per day. If the results are good and depending on the coral density in your tank you can increase steadily over a period of a few weeks.  It is recommended to place food into a high turbulance area in your aquarium (in front of wave pump, for example) to ensure quick and even distribution throughout the tank.

Target Feeding - Add scoops as required to one full cup of aquarium water for medium density stocked tank (or 1/2 cup for low coral density tanks).  Mix thoroughly.  You can then use your preferred mehtod of target feeding, via syringe, feeding tube etc. to specific, targetted corals, in particular, LPS, Nems, Hammers, Torches etc.