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Nuclear Mix:

Our most concentrated mix of benthic copepods of the moment has arrived! With a mix of medium-sized copepods and benthopelagics, ideal for quickly populating your aquarium or as a forceful shock method for dinoflagellates!

Benthic and benthopelagic copepods at maximum possible concentration (10-12 ind/ml)

– Apocyclops panamensis 70%
– Thisbe biminiensis 15%
– Thisbe battagiai 15%

DURATION: 10 days cold.


Apocalypse Mix:

Our premium mix, we add to our usual mix the species Apocyclops panamensis already used in the US for a long time, we bring them to Spain for the first time! A truly special copepod, being benthic in its subadult/adult stage and pelagic in its most juvenile stages. This, together with their really short reproductive cycle, makes them quickly form a colony in the aquarium. It is a very interesting copepod in an aquarium, since its youngest pelagic specimens will serve as food for corals and anemones, while its adult specimens, together with the well-known Thisbe and Tigriopus, will inhabit the rock and substrate, keeping any bud at bay. unwanted that can grow.

Duration: About ten days refrigerated.


– Dump the bottle in the urn the same day you arrive with the lights and pumps turned off.


Regular Mix:

Mixture of benthic copepods of the genera Thisbe and Tigriopus. They live in the rock and substrate, although they also have swimming habits and are carried away by the current. These small crustaceans feed on phytoplankton and small blooms of macroalgae, thus keeping the rock and substrate clean of unwanted pests. They are very useful to combat the dreaded plague of dinoflagellates. In our mix we put two species of different sizes, Tigriopus being the largest.

Duration: About ten days refrigerated.