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Bubble-Magus Curve

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Model: A-5

Size: 185x180x470 mm

Pump: Rock DSp-1000 - DC 24v - 13w

Size: 300 to 500l


Model: A-8

Size: 225x1255x565 mm

Pump: Rock DSp-2000 - DC 24v - 18w

Size: 500 to 900l


Model: A-9

Size: 250x295x610 mm

Pump: Rock DSp-4000 - DC 24v - 28w

Size: 900 to 1500l

Model: D-8

Size: 225x225x565 mm

Pump: BM-S20 - DC 24 v. - 20w

Size: 500 to 900l


Model: D-9

Size: 250x295x610 mm

Pump: BM-S50 - DC 24 v. - 45 w.

Size: 900 to 1500l


Model: B-11

Size: 350x400x650 mm

Pump: Rock SP-8000 - 220v. - 60w

Size: up to 3000l


Model: B-12

Size: 350x400x625 mm

Pump: Rock SP-10000 - 70w

Size: up to 4000l