ATI SunPower Dimmable -
ATI SunPower Dimmable -
ATI SunPower Dimmable -
ATI SunPower Dimmable -
ATI SunPower Dimmable -

ATI SunPower Dimmable

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Dimmable SunPower

T5 lighting with built-in control for proven coral growth and coloration


Time-tested, proven results

The ATI Dimmable SunPower has been delivering proven results worldwide for more than five years. We recommend using ATI T5 bulbs in your fixture, which will help you produce significantly more light than most other T5 fixtures of the same size.

Light Spread

The Dimmable SunPower produces an even blanket of light that bathes the entire tank in light, producing far fewer shadows and little-to-no hot spots. T5 lighting is uniform and intense, filling caves and overhangs and providing corals in darker areas of the tank the light they need to thrive.

Active cooling system

Bulb life and bulb output are improved with our active cooling system to keep your bulbs at a more optimal operating temperature.

98% reflective miro-silver

Direct the light where your corals need it most with the 98% reflective miro-silver bent parabolic reflectors.

Simple and safe to use

Pick the T5 bulbs that are best for your needs, insert them, and plug in your fixture. ATI bulbs work in almost any combination to effectively grow corals, and since they’re not a point-source of light like LEDs, you don’t need to worry about adjusting different color channels, meaning there’s less risk of burning your corals.

Built-in control

ith 10 individual set-points, the built-in controller produces much more realistic dawn-dusk and daylight simulations than non-dimmable fixtures. The controller automatically adjusts from one set point to the next making programming a breeze and eliminating any intensity jumps.

Comparable efficiency

Our results speak for themselves. LEDs may have a great reputation for efficiency, but our T5 fixtures use a comparable amount of power. Make the switch with confidence.