100% Natural Coral Plankton

100% Natural Coral Plankton

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Fauna Marin Coral Plankton 100% Natural


Straight animal feed for all kinds of fish and corals: Cyclops-Plankton

  • consists of real Cyclops-Plankton
  • sustainably farmed and probiotically enriched
  • immediate and gentle preservation
  • highly concentrated
  • ready to use
  • no need to rinse or thaw
  • high and balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid profile
  • optimal protein levels
  • strong nutritional stimulus - long availability

Feed in small quantities once or twice daily.
Can also be fed with dosing pumps.

Store in refrigerator after opening! Once opened, consume within three months.

Cyclops sp., water, EC-approved antioxidants,

Analysis (from dry weight):
crude protein 13.8%, crude fat 2.8%, crude fi ber 0.2%, crude ash 1.5%, natural carotenoids

Safety advice:
For aquarium use only. Not suitable for human consumption. Keep away from children.