Red Snow Acanthastrea
Red Snow Acanthastrea

Red Snow Acanthastrea

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All corals in this section are Cut To Order. Meaning, that none of the corals in this section are WYSIWYG corals. All pictures are of the actual mother colonies from which you will receive your frag. All Cut To Order frags will be counted by mouths. Every Cut To Order frag will need a healing time of 1-2 weeks before shipping. Once your order has been placed and your frag has been cut, you will be contacted to schedule the shipping date.


Cut to Order

Size: Number of Mouths

Heal Time: Up to 2 Weeks


Tank Parameters

Kh: 7-9 dKH

Ca: 390-440 ppm

Mg: 1230-1400 ppm

No3: 5-25 ppm

PO4: 0.03-0.15 ppm

PAR: 250-450/16.000-20.000 Kelvin


Coral Requirements

Specimen: Acanthastrea lordhowensis 

Flow: Low to Mid

Difficulty: Mid

Growth: Mid

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