Easy Booster Nano 9

Easy Booster Nano 9

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Nano 9 is a liquid phytoplankton, a better way to give food to both aquariums and aquarists.

Easybooster Nano 9 is a suspension in the form of a gel that consists of marine microalgae and marine minerals that can be stored at room temperature for more than 18 months.

Phytoplankton or marine microalgae are microscopic plant cells that can be found in seas and oceans in the form of a suspension. Phytoplankton are the basis of the food chain in aquatic ecosystems and serve as food for higher organisms such as zooplankton, filter organisms and calluses that feed on plant foods.

Marine phytoplankton is considered a superfood because it contains vitamins, essential fatty acids (EPA, DHA, ARA, GLA), essential amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and bioactive compounds involved in the metabolic activities of all marine organisms.
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