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ZEOstart 3 has been developed for marine aquarists who want optimal water values for their aquarium by biological means. It was developed to optimally supply the most important thing in the aquarium: biology.

Reduces nitrate, phosphate, nitrite and many inhibitors, among other things. With this product, you can biologically lower your phosphate and nitrate levels and keep them at a low level.

Bacterially induced smear algae disappear and the biological balance is quickly established.

At the start of new pools, the run-in phase is drastically shortened. Approximately 14 days after water filling and adding with living stones, fish, soft corals or stony corals can be used without any problems.

For tanks that have been operating with our ZEOvit® system for a long time, this product gives a noticeable kick for extremely metallic colors in acroporas, montipores, poccilopors and stylophores. Soft corals grow faster and open the polyps wider. The skimmer produces up to 100% more black absorbate than before dosing.

It is dosed directly into the aquarium.

Do not increase the dosage as indicated on the bottle, as it is a very concentrated mixture!

Dosage: 1000 L / 2 ml per day