Xepta Automatic Measurement and Dosing System
Xepta Automatic Measurement and Dosing System
Xepta Automatic Measurement and Dosing System
Xepta Automatic Measurement and Dosing System

Xepta Automatic Measurement and Dosing System

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Xepta AutoBalance

Xepta autoBalance is an automatic measurement and dosing system, from the measurement of the Kh (the measurement of calcium and magnesium available with the aBex expansion module) of the aquarium allows to precisely dose all the salts that the aquarium needs to the correct development and growth of all kinds of corals. Maintaining alkalinity at a stable value without fluctuating time is the key to success in reef aquariums. The objective of this automatic measuring equipment is to provide the user with this stability and, in turn, to have the dosing channels integrated into the same equipment.

Xepta autoBalance is not only a measuring and dosing equipment, when used with the autoBalance, the Xepta Reef Balance system allows for the replenishment of ionic salts consumed by coral growth. Further, the Xepta system provides for the supplementation of Ca, Mg, and kH without disturbing the ionic balance of the aquarium water.

The equipment has three dosing channels that are configured for the use of our Xepta Reef Balance system.

  • Controllable through iOS/Android app.
  • Wifi connectivity
  • From 2 to 24 daily measurements
  • 3 dosing pump heads
  • Automated dosing calculations for Xepta Reef Balance
  • Manual dosing calculations for balling system
  • Manual alarm settings and automatic safety settings
  • No additional controller is required for operation

Together with the aBex expansion module (autoBalance Expansion) that measures calcium, magnesium, kalium, sodium and nitrate, it allows total control over the three main elements involved in the growth and proper development of hard corals, which will allow the user to stop worrying about these tasks and facilitate maintaining reef aquariums.


Xepta aBex

Xepta aBex is an expansion module of the Xepta autoBalance automatic measurement system that incorporates in this equipment the ability to measure calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrate and sodium automatically. It is not a standalone equipment, it requires the Xepta autoBalance unit for its operation.

Xepta aBex is an innovative equipment that allows automatic and efficient analysis using selective ion electrodes, therefore it does not require reagents to carry out the measurements, it is only necessary to calibrate the electrode before each measurement, which the equipment performs fully automatic.

The characteristics of the equipment are:

  • Controllable through iOS/Android mobile application.
  • The machine has an accuracy of ± 10ppm in the calcium, potassium and magnesium values ​​with a repeatability of ± 2%, for the 4% magnesium sensor. For the sodium sensor the precision is ± 100ppm with a repeatability of ± 1% and for the nitrate the precision is ± 2ppm.
  • Does not require reagents.
  • It only requires 30ml of aquarium water to analyze all the parameters at once, but then it returns to the aquarium.
  • No residues of any kind are produced, as no reagents are used, both the calibration solution and the water used in the analysis are returned to the aquarium.
  • Only the autoBalance is required for its operation, it does not require any other additional control.

With the Xepta autoBalance + Xepta aBex measuring and dosing system, you can check the main elements involved in the formation of the calcareous skeleton and can precisely dose them.

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