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Rotifera (Brachionus plicatilis) enriched with microalgae and DHA.




    For your Reef: 0.5-1 ml/L once a day.

    For your fry: 20-40 ml/L once a day divided into one or more doses.


How to use:


    Dose following the recommended dosage or at will (if you have a tank with a large colony of corals, the dose may be exceeded).

    Turn off the skimmer for at least 30 minutes after dosing.

    To keep the rotifer alive, store it in the refrigerator for no more than 10 days.


How does SAFE ROTI work?: For your reef Many corals are capable of photosynthesis thanks to symbiotic relationships with zooxanthellae algae and this allows them to reduce their need for prey, however these animals are skilled predators and as such they need an external food source. The dosage of SAFE ROTI has been designed so that in the destination aquarium a concentration in rotifers ml is reached that allows each of the polyps in the tank to receive the exact dose of food. Although daily dosing is ideal, dosing routines that alternate days, weeks, or months can be implemented. The results become visible in a few doses. For your babies In ornamental marine organisms, only a small number of animals can be reared successfully using artemia nauplii as first and only food. This is because fish and crustacean larvae are conditioned by the size of their mouths when choosing prey to feed on. Thanks to the small size of the SAFE ROTI rotifers, it can be used as a first food for the larvae until they reach a sufficient size to feed on nauplii. The dosage of SAFE ROTI has been designed so that a concentration of rotifer is reached in the destination aquarium such that it ensures continuous encounters of the larvae with the food, which favors predation. For a successful breeding, from JellyFarmer we recommend that you start feeding the fry with high doses of rotifer, to gradually reduce its dosage, while introducing and increasing that of copepod and/or artemia nauplius. This product is compatible with the "green water technique" designed for raising fingerlings.What is so special about SAFE ROTI?: SAFE ROTI rotifers are an ideal prey for all types of corals (LPS, SPS, hard and soft), invertebrates, fish larvae and crustaceans, this is due to three key factors: Thanks to their great resistance and parametric adaptability, these organisms remain alive for a long time in the aquarium even without acclimatization. Being so resistant also allows us to serve it at high densities, since in a single milliliter of SAFE ROTI there are hundreds of living organisms. When they are served alive, they swim actively, distributing themselves homogeneously in the tank water, thus remaining bioavailable in the water column for a long period of time. Because they do not select the particles they filter, their nutritional quality can be varied. That is why our rotifers follow a specific diet in each part of the production and post-production process, arriving at their destination with an exceptional biochemical composition and mixed with enriched water so that this composition lasts as long as possible.