Red Mangrove Root (Rhizophora Mangle)

Red Mangrove Root (Rhizophora Mangle)

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Red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle)

The red mangrove is a true plant that is suitable for most marine aquaria. While it does function as a refugium plant, it is a slow grower and therefore only sequesters nutrients at a modest pace. However, on account of its attractive appearance, it is commonly used as an ornamental. See below for more information.

Size and Care Requirements:

  • Purchase Size: ~6-8″ (propagule length)
  • Max Size: approximately 30′ (tree height)
  • Water Parameters: 78-83° F, dKH 8-12, pH 7.0-8.4, sg 1.000-1.024
  • Color: Propagule varies from brownish to greenish
  • Reef-Safe: Yes
  • Fertilization: There are normally more than enough nutrients/minerals in the aquarium water to support this species. However, the regular replenishment of trace elements might boost growth.

Red Mangrove Species Information

Rhizophora mangle is distributed widely across the tropical and subtropical regions. It prefers fairly well protected, brackish environments such as estuaries and salt marshes. Assemblages of mangrove trees, called mangals, are extremely important both for holding sediments in coastal environments and for sheltering innumerable fish and invertebrate species.

Rhizophora mangle can grow either on or in nearly any sort of substrate. As its root system develops, it enriches the refugium habitat. This plant tolerates poor water quality and weak water movement. However, it is adapted to living in full tropical sunlight and so requires powerful artificial lighting when kept indoors. Some natural sunlight (as through a window daily) will greatly benefit this beautiful and unusual plant.

Benefits of Maricultured Red Mangrove Propagules

Aquacultured red mangrove plants are highly preferable to wild-harvested specimens. For example, if cultivated in captivity, they are much better adapted to aquarium life. They are also less likely to carry pests. Even more, aquacultured specimens are better equipped to handle shipping stress. And, by buying captive-bred livestock, you support the aquaculture of marine organisms and help to make our hobby more sustainable!

AlgaeBarn keeps red mangrove propagules in a plant-specific system to reduce risk of transfer of fish parasites and other unwanted hitchhikers.

100% Alive on Arrival (AoA) Guarantee

We guarantee that all red mangroves we ship will be Alive On Arrival and in good health. Should they arrive in any other state, we will either replace them for free (including shipping). We issue store credit if the total livestock loss is less than $40. Please visit our 100% Alive On Arrival Guarantee page for more information.