KHG - KH Guardian C Model -
KHG - KH Guardian C Model -
KHG - KH Guardian C Model -

KHG - KH Guardian C Model

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Main Features :

  1. The resolution is 0.1 dKH.
  2. The Precision is +/- 0.1dKH.
  3. Measurement range: 5 -12 dKH.
  4. Use only one reagent for each test. The used reagent goes directly to the aquarium without any safety concern. Each test only takes around 3 ~ 4 cc. reagent.
  5. It supports remote terminal function to monitor and control the instrument via any web browser on the same local network. No need to install any software or APP. Simply use web browser for operation.
  6. SD memory card preinstalled for the long-term data logging.
  7. Version “C” has an automatic dKH controlling feature. It automatically calculates how much sodium bicarbonate solution should be added to the aquarium with the reference of the desired dKH target value, aquarium total water volume, and current testing value. Then the controller dose-in the solution accordingly.
  8. Automatic measuring interval can be set from 30 to 240 minutes. Each measurement takes about 3 to 7 minutes.
  9. With the “C” version, no need to change the existing calcium reactor and alkalinity dosing. We do recommend to slightly decrease your current dKH dosing parameters below your desired target, and let KHG do the final fine tuning for your tank automatically.


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