FK Millepora/Spathulata Acropora CUT-TO-ORDER PACK

FK Millepora/Spathulata Acropora CUT-TO-ORDER PACK

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Introducing our SPS Coral Frag Pack! 🌊

Enhance your reef aquarium with our premium selection of SPS coral frags. This pack includes 4 stunning frags, carefully chosen to add vibrant color and intricate structures to your underwater world. 🌟

**What's Inside:**
- **4 SPS Coral Frags**: Handpicked from the corals shown in the image, ensuring you get the best quality and diversity. πŸͺΈ
- **Vibrant Colors**: Each frag is selected for its striking hues and unique patterns. 🌈

**Key Details:**
- **Made to Order**: Your corals are prepared specifically for you, ensuring optimal health and readiness. ⏳
- **Ready in 4 Weeks**: Allow us 4 weeks to prepare and deliver your frags, ensuring they are healthy and acclimated. πŸ—“οΈ
- **Perfect for Advanced Aquarists**: Ideal for those looking to add high-quality SPS corals to their collection. 🐠

Elevate your reef with our SPS Coral Frag Pack and enjoy the beauty and complexity these stunning corals bring to your tank! 🌿🐑