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Medium-sized epi-benthic copepods for the marine aquarium.


They are able to consume Cyanobacteria actively fighting it.

They are epi-benthic organisms which makes them more bioavailable for corals, especially their naupliar phases.

They have an extremely fast reproductive rate, being the fastest among the 3 commercialized copepod species.

Its naupliar stages are especially useful to combine with rotifers as the first food for fish larvae.


Recommended minimum dosage:


    1 L for aquariums > 200L

    0.5 L for aquariums between 100 L – 200 L

    0.25 L for aquariums < 100 L


How to use:


    Acclimate copepods to aquarium water.

    Pour 100% of the content into the destination tank.

    If possible, maintain an algal refugium and add the copepods to it overnight.

    Periodic monthly additions can be made to help perpetuate the colony.


If they have to be stocked, store at room temperature 15-25ºC with the cap uncovered for no more than 7 days.


These copepods can be fed REEF BLOOM.